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The creation of BLEED

Artistic Director Emily Sexton talks us through the planning and process behind the creation of BLEED. Find out more…

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On Leaving and Returning

“Breathtaking resilience is a communal discipline…Listen. Stay. There is something here to fight for”…Erica McCalman reflects

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My Exits

“I always exited parties quietly, without saying goodbye. I would slip out unnoticed and quietly” – Jane Howard on exits…

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Mish Grigor chats to Vision Australia Radio

Join Exit Strategies lead artist, Mish Grigor as she chats to Chris Thompson from the Behind the Scenes program on Vision Australia Radio about her upcoming show. Listen here…

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The Age: Token Armies blurs all the boundaries

“There are a lot of eyes on Antony Hamilton. This year the…

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Reflections – Words Nourish Neighbours

Reflections by Rosie Kalina was written for First Nations in the House, a residency program as part of Refuge.

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How to respond to an emergency

How to respond to an emergency by Timmah Ball was written for First Nations in the House, a residency program as part of Refuge.

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OVERTURE: Watching and Thinking

It began with an overture. Choreographer Jo Lloyd had the urge to…

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High Performance Packing Tape: What you see is what you get

Branch Nebula co-founder Lee Wilson and visual artist Mickie Quick were reminiscing…

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Split: Dividing and Sub-Dividing

When it premiered as part of the Arts House program at the…

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A Memory of Forgetfulness

Written by Laniyuk as part of First Nations in the House, exploring the matter of displacement, honouring and respecting local stories of resilience, survival, loss and the future…

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The beginning of disruption

The beginning of disruption by Monica Karo was written for First Nations in the House, a residency program as part of Refuge.


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Refuge 2019 review on Arts Hub

★★★★ “Refuge 2019: Displacement… is no passive ‘arts’ show.”

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Refuge 2019 interview on ABC RN Life Matters

There’s a bushfire, flood or other disaster facing your community. So how can an artist help you make the right decisions? Welcome to the Refuge project.

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Indigenous Wisdom

Claire G. Coleman is a Wirlomin Noongar writer and poet, and a collaborating artist for Refuge 2019: Displacement. In this commissioned essay, Claire reflects on the role of Indigenous wisdom in imagining new ways for the community to prepare.


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Fempress MOTHERLODE interview – ABC RN Stop Everything!

Hannah Brontë and Kween G, two of the artists in Fempress MOTHERLODE, chat with Beverley Wang and Benjamin Law on ABC RN’s Stop Everything!

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New partnership announced with MIFF

Arts House and the Melbourne International Film Festival are delighted to announce a new partnership focused on experimentation, new technologies and untold stories.

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Vicki Van Hout Australia Council Award for Dance 2019

Choreographer and dance Vicki Van Hout has won the prestigious Australia Council Award for Dance in 2019. Catch Vicki’s darkly funny plenty serious TALK TALK at Arts House as part of YIRRAMBOI Festival in May.

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A choreographic overture

“This work, it’s about creating an overture for these people that longer walk alongside us. If you had that chance again, what would you say to someone before they go? ” Read the full Melbourne Critique interview with OVERTURE creator, Jo Lloyd.

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Welcome to Future Assembly

Good evening and thank you for coming to Arts House, my name…

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Artistic risk pays off in challenging dance work

Read the full ★★★★  The Age review of OVERTURE by Jo Lloyd.

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Green Room Awards 2019 nominations

Arts House racked up 24 nominations for past shows in our program – an amazing testament to 2018. Heartfelt thanks to the artists for trusting us to share their work. Read More