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Important Arts House update

Read an update on Arts House venue closure and event cancellations.

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The creation of BLEED

Artistic Director Emily Sexton talks us through the planning and process behind the creation of BLEED. Find out more…


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On Leaving and Returning

“Breathtaking resilience is a communal discipline…Listen. Stay. There is something here to fight for”…Erica McCalman reflects

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My Exits

“I always exited parties quietly, without saying goodbye. I would slip out unnoticed and quietly” – Jane Howard on exits…

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The Age: Token Armies blurs all the boundaries

“There are a lot of eyes on Antony Hamilton. This year the choreographer became the third artistic director of Melbourne’s flagship dance company Chunky…

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Reflections – Words Nourish Neighbours

Reflections by Rosie Kalina was written for First Nations in the House, a residency program as part of Refuge.

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How to respond to an emergency

How to respond to an emergency by Timmah Ball was written for First Nations in the House, a residency program as part of Refuge.

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The beginning of disruption

The beginning of disruption by Monica Karo was written for First Nations in the House, a residency program as part of Refuge.


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Refuge 2019 review on Arts Hub

★★★★ “Refuge 2019: Displacement… is no passive ‘arts’ show.”

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Refuge 2019 interview on ABC RN Life Matters

There’s a bushfire, flood or other disaster facing your community. So how can an artist help you make the right decisions? Welcome to the Refuge project.

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Indigenous Wisdom

Claire G. Coleman is a Wirlomin Noongar writer and poet, and a collaborating artist for Refuge 2019: Displacement. In this commissioned essay, Claire reflects on the role of Indigenous wisdom in imagining new ways for the community to prepare.


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Fempress MOTHERLODE interview – ABC RN Stop Everything!

Hannah Brontë and Kween G, two of the artists in Fempress MOTHERLODE, chat with Beverley Wang and Benjamin Law on ABC RN’s Stop Everything!