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Work with us!

We’re looking for an experienced Audience Engagement Coordinator to join the team.


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Housewarming: North Melbourne Constellation

Australia’s laureate of lasers Robin Fox returns to Arts House with a new project of transformation. Featuring a multitude of crystal balls that refract…

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Housewarming: As We Bloom

Step into a series of serene, fragrant settings in which the cycles of nature echo the flourishing of the community surrounding the artists. These…

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Housewarming: Deep Clean

This meditative video installation explores the chasm that exists between discussions of decolonisation and diversity and the lived experiences of people from minoritised communities….

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Housewarming: Elevation

They can be the backdrop to panic or soul-crushing boredom, settings for flirtation or uncomfortable proximity. For a space so small, the elevator looms…

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Housewarming: Listen

Through performance poetry, projection and textiles, award-winning artist Chelle Destefano assembles a powerful series of works that invite Hearing audiences to reflect on the…

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Housewarming: Palmistry of Pointlessness

Come lay down your palms for a one-on-one reading guaranteed to change your life, or at least your lunch break. Following on from his…

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Makeshift Publics Artists

After an intense selection process we’re thrilled to reveal the 10 artists who will take up the challenge of the inaugural Makeshift Publics.

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Makeshift Publics Facilitator Group

Madeleine Flynn (VIC) Madeleine Flynn is a leading Australian audio conceptual artist who creates unexpected situations for listening. She has a long term collaborative…

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Makeshifts Publics in the Media

‘COVID was profoundly disruptive and anxiety inducing for so many people trying to simply survive, let alone focus on their creative practice,’ said James…

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Makeshift Publics

We’ve all had enough of ‘unprecedented times’. We want unprecedented responses. Makeshift Publics is Arts House’s invitation to artists to interrupt the narrative describing…

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Arts House is back with a new Disability and Inclusion Plan

Arts House ushers in 2021 with a project that makes us particularly proud. 2020 gave us ample time to reflect on how we can…

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What happens to a dream deferred?

This poem, Harlem (A Dream Deferred), was written in 1951. As a pre-eminent African American writer, Langston Hughes was an original slashie. Novels, plays,…

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Arts House Advisory Groups

The Arts House Advisory Group was formed in 2019 to provide curatorial input and guidance on the selection of artists for our key call-outs,…

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Co-Design: Imagine a festival for dance in Melbourne

Mariaa Randall, Luke George, Priya Srinivasan and Tam Nguyen are leading a community co-design, to explore the potential of a dedicated contemporary dance festival…

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The creation of BLEED

Artistic Director Emily Sexton talks us through the planning and process behind the creation of BLEED. Find out more…