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Keep calm and Carrion

Read the Runway Conversations review on Justin Shoulder’s Carrion that refers to this performance as “a transcendental experience”.

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A costume of bones

Read more about Justin Shoulder’s practice and why and how Carrion was born in his discussion with Art Guide Australia.

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An interview with Justin Shoulder

What would the future look like without art? In this interview with Ella Tarlton from Melbourne Critique, Justin Shoulder reflects on the link between animality, his body and technology.

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Watch excerpts from Carrion

Watch Justin Shoulder transform into the haunting and beautiful mythical creature that is Carrion.

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The composer of Carrion

Listen to Corin Ileto whose musical score drives emotion throughout Carrion in big, vivid strokes.

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Magnificent mutancy

Read the Realtime review of Carrion by Justin Shoulder that was presented at Carriageworks as part of Liveworks 2017.

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★★★★ review for LONE

LONE is an intimate and unexpectedly personal reflection of loneliness with remarkable young actors. Read the full ArtsHub review.

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★★★★ from TimeOut Magazine for LONE

TimeOut reviewer Maxim Boon discovered a surreal and whimsical world at LONE by THE RABBLE & St Martins. Read the full review.

Introducing our Artistic Director

We are thrilled to welcome Emily Sexton to Arts House.

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Why the Menace of Mosquitoes Will Only Get Worse

How is climate change altering the environment in ways that increases the potential for viruses and infectious disease? The New York Times investigates and this is also the premise of Refuge 2018.

Accessible Events at Arts House

We welcome all visitors to Arts House events and we are committed to ensuring that our program is accessible as possible for everyone to enjoy.

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It’s what you make of it

Download the season 1, 2018 program guide and read what Acting Artistic Director Josh Wright has to say about what we can expect for this season.