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Voice to Parliament  

We say Yes

On 14 October, Australians will vote in a referendum about the Voice to Parliament.

We want to help our community participate respectfully in the discussion, learn about the benefits of a successful referendum, and understand what writing ‘Yes’ means when it’s time to vote.

We are committed to responding to the Uluru Statement from the Heart and its call for voice, treaty and truth. We believe we cannot be a city for all people unless all people have a say in decisions that impact them. The Voice to Parliament provides a clear avenue for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have their say.

A city that says Yes makes a powerful statement about who we are, and what we are collectively capable of. We want to take a step forward, together. That’s why Arts House and the City of Melbourne are saying Yes.

Arts House is a program of the City of Melbourne. Our program and our building maintain a long and proud history and ongoing dialogue with First Nations peoples across this continent: Elders, artists, curators, producers and staff. We uphold their calls for self-determination and truth-telling, and we are enriched by their knowledge sharing every day.

At Melbourne Town Hall on Thursday 21 September, City of Melbourne will host a free event, ‘Understanding the Voice to Parliament’. Hear from a panel of experts and First Nations community leaders on what the Voice is, why it’s important and what the outcome of this referendum means for our nation’s future.

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