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Journeys across borders, artforms and cultures

Season 2 2022

We’re feeling ourselves again, and perhaps the best part of that feeling is being able to confidently share this magical season of new art with you. 

During the great pause of 2020-21, we tried hard to use the time and think deeply about what we do. How our work could be relevant, and hopeful. 

The 18 extraordinary works that make up Season 2 are not ‘just another show’ for any of us. Realising these works has required previously unimaginable levels of patience and determination, and those qualities stay with us, as we all continue to learn to new interpretations of living through a pandemic. These artists and works express a curiosity and journey of adventure that we’ve wanted to take you on for a long time. They take us on journeys across and between borders, artforms, cultures and time. That careful, experimental, open space feels… like Arts House, and the Melbourne we want to live in and be part of.  

This Season voyages deep into how the online makes us feel, with the second edition of our biennial festival exploring the IRL and URL, BLEED. We are overjoyed to expand the conversation this year to include two new Taiwanese partners, coming together to present new arts commissions that explore how borders expand, contract and deny us. Across the rest of this bumper season of dance, theatre, music, film and community: we feel the deep traces of history, time, icons and culture. We feel connection, we feel joy and we feel care. We feel the potential and the limitations of our bodies. 

Frankly, we feel damn proud to present new Australian and international works that invite you to feel, move and think your way through these rather overwhelming times in concert with your community; with strangers, and with friends. It’s a remarkable feeling. Come join us.  

Emily Sexton, Co-Artistic Director 

Image Credit: Here We Are Amongst You by Rawcus presented as part of Season 2, 2022 at Arts House. Photo by Jessica Connell 

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