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Chamber Made Salon – SYSTEM_ERROR

Chamber Made
Hear from the artists and get a special glimpse at their new work
Tamara Saulwick, wearing a brown leather jacket over black t-shirt, smiling at the camera at middle distance. Alisdair Macindoe, wearing a blue collared denim jacket, smiling at the camera at short distance.


Chamber Made
A sound performance work for bodies and conductive tape.

Double Bill: SINK + Mulch Underground

SINK: Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler

Mulch Underground: Lichen Kelp, Dylan Martorell, Jason Hood, Benjamin Hancock
A back-to-back night of performances from the sonic underground.
Luke Currie-Richardson, Bhenji Ra, Ses Bero, Chandler Connell, Zachary Lopez, Issa el Assaad, Miranda Wheen, Feras Shaheen & Emmanuel James Brown in Jurrungu Ngan-ga, Marrugeku.

Jurrungu Ngan-ga [Straight Talk]

Dance as resistance: Marrugeku tears down walls with Straight Talk.


Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler
Stadium techno is reimagined as an intimate encounter.
Arts House Event, Yes The Rabble


YES is an investigation into the dynamics of power, consent, knowledge, and truth.

Mulch Underground

Lichen Kelp, Dylan Martorell, Jason Hood and Benjamin Hancock
A subterranean nightclub for plant-based partygoers.