What’s On

What's On

Been & Gone



Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler
A live sonic experience of uncommon depth.

Soap Bubbles and the Forces Which Mould Them

Brian Lipson
An unsettling (but hygienic) encounter.

Love Me (Bar) Tender

Stage Mom
Enjoy a cocktail tailored to reflect your deepest self in this intimate experience for two.


Back to Back Theatre
A rare solo performance from one of Australia's most loved theatre companies.
Listening Club - Tim Humphrey - Image description: A point source creates a field over another more textured field whose ragged flecks and patches suggest a rough surface with brown and turquoise hues. An abstracted sound layer from textures collected from the artists travels.

Listening Club

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Refresh the listening device in your head with this series of playlists from artists and scientists.
Call-Out Info Session - Not a Drop to Drink - REFUGE 2021 - Credit: Bryony Jackson

Arts X Science Info Session

A First Nations interdisciplinary research and creative development residency.
Arts X Science Residency supports a First Nations artist or collective to research and develop a new work between Arts House and Science Gallery Melbourne.
Chamber Made - Two figures sit on the floor with their back facing us. There is a plain white background with a leafy silhouette on the roof.

Chamber Made Salon – SYSTEM_ERROR

Chamber Made
Hear from the artists and get a special glimpse at their new work
System_Error - Tamara Saulwick, wearing a brown leather jacket over black t-shirt, smiling at the camera at middle distance. Alisdair Macindoe, wearing a blue collared denim jacket, smiling at the camera at short distance.


Chamber Made
A sound performance work for bodies and conductive tape.
Double Bill: Sink + Mulch Underground

Double Bill: SINK + Mulch Underground

SINK: Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler

Mulch Underground: Lichen Kelp, Dylan Martorell, Jason Hood, Benjamin Hancock
A back-to-back night of performances from the sonic underground.
Luke Currie-Richardson, Bhenji Ra, Ses Bero, Chandler Connell, Zachary Lopez, Issa el Assaad, Miranda Wheen, Feras Shaheen & Emmanuel James Brown in Jurrungu Ngan-ga, Marrugeku.

Jurrungu Ngan-ga [Straight Talk]

Dance as resistance: Marrugeku tears down walls with Straight Talk.
Mulch Underground image by Dylan Martorell a multicoloured collage with a woman with long brown hair in a silver coat and a person with long blond hair extending their arm

Mulch Underground

Lichen Kelp, Dylan Martorell, Jason Hood and Benjamin Hancock
A subterranean nightclub for plant-based partygoers.