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Meet our new Access Advisory Group

DIAP 2023 - 2028

To ensure we continue to develop approaches towards an equitable, welcoming, intersectional and inclusive environment at Arts House, we are pleased to announce our new Access Advisory Group who represent a vast range of arts practices, knowledge and skills – Artemis Muñoz, Catherine Dunn, Jonathan Craig, TextaQueen, Thomas Banks and Hannah Morphy-Walsh. Alongside Arts Access Victoria, Arts House will consult with this group over the next two years on the DIAP.

Artemis Muñoz


Artemis Muñoz is a multidisciplinary artist working in independent theatre, cabaret and more. Recent credits include solo cabaret show Artemis: Utter Mess (The Channel – Arts Centre Melbourne 2022, La Mama HQ 2022, Butterfly Club 2019), queer kids show Unsorted (Theatre Works 2022, Bluestone Arts Space 2021), autistic family drama Breeders (La Mama Courthouse 2021: Green Room Nominee – Best Independent Theatre Ensemble) and The People of Cabaret Variety Spectacular (Online 2020: Green Room Winner – Best Cabaret Ensemble). Overall, Artemis is passionate about pushing for better access and representation for the communities they are a part of and is proud to be a working queer, bi-racial and disabled artist.

Catherine Dunn 

Catherine Dunn (she/her) is passionate about connecting people through her work both in the disability advocacy sector and as an emerging artist. Her art practice includes explorations through poetry (in both Auslan and English), physical performance and visual arts. Performance highlights include Auslan poetry titled ‘Am I Deaf Enough?’ presented by Flow Festival 2021. She was a collaborating artist in ‘Hearts Beyond’, creating visual artwork “Staying Apart Keeps Us Together’ for site-specific public art exhibition as part of FUSE Festival 2021 with Luke King and Dan Goronszy Arts. Inspired by her lived experiences as a Deaf Queer woman, she is driven to provide spaces where people feel empowered individually and collectively. 

Hannah Morphy-Walsh

Hannah Morphy-Walsh is a storyteller and member of the Footscray Community Arts board. She lives her Deaf, disabled life on the unceded lands of the sovereign Kulin Nations.

Jonathan Craig

Jonathan Craig is a writer, policy advisor, audio producer and accessibility consultant. From 2018 to 2021 he was Editor of the quarterly magazine from Blind Citizens Australia, where he was credited with transforming the publication. He has also been a member of the Program Advisory Committee for Emerging Writers Festival, and has been a consultant on several Arts House projects, including co-devising The Warehouse Residency program for Deaf and Disabled artists. A lifelong science fiction fan, he’s interested in exploring the consequences of post-humanism and the future of disability. 


TextaQueen is a multi-genre artist of Goan descent living on unceded Wurundjeri land. Known for using the humble felt-tip marker to create majestic portraiture, their work expands to drawing, painting, printmaking, video, performance, curating, music, writing, and murals to complicate assumptions around identities at the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, and ability. Drawing from their decades of experience in institutional, commercial, and independent art worlds and in connection with their communities, TextaQueen is developing TheySwarm, a peer-mentorship artist residency for diverse and disabled artists in their Johnston Street studio in Collingwood on Wurundjeri land. 

Thomas Banks

Thomas Banks is a writer, artist, dancer and a business owner with mild Cerebral Palsy. Thomas started his career in the creative sector as an ensemble member with Back to Back Theatre in Geelong. He had also been fortunate to work in a creative development project with St. Martin’s Arts Centre for 3 years when he was 21. He also worked with Platform Theatre developing a play called Someone like Thomas Banks whilst working with a small film crew to film his own documentary titled Thomas Banks Quest for love. Thomas has often dabbled in and out of the Melbourne comedy scene, performing and sharing stories of his sexual escapades with audiences at different open mic venues. He started his comedy career in Wellington, New Zealand, while on holiday. When he’s not performing on stage in front of a crowd, Thomas explores movement and dance as a creative. 

Hero Image Credit: More Than Words Can Say, Artist Lab as part of the Warehouse Residency 2021 led by Catherine Dunn and Sam Martin. Photo by Ashton Jean-Pierre. Artist headshots, Courtesy of the artists
Image Description: A group of people stand around a table in the Arts House warehouse. Light is beaming down through the window above them.

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