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How you pay is up to you, in Season 2 2022

Art is not a luxury good

It’s been a rough time – costs of living are high, incomes are wobbly and for many people work remains more precarious than ever.

That’s why we introduced $20 tickets for everyone, with the firm belief that art shouldn’t divide us into haves and have-nots.

We’re expanding this policy for Season 2 this year, and letting you choose the cost of your ticket.

Pay $35 if you can, and $20 if you can’t. We won’t be asking why – this is an honor system, not a concession-versus-full-price thing.

We think every artist at Arts House is valued, valuable and has something to say, and we know it’s important that their work gets to people even when times are tough – hell, especially when times are tough.

So $20 or $35, it’s your call. Same great show and same great (unallocated) seats.

Leave the rest to us.

Pay if you can $35
Standard $20
Blak Tix $10 
A small transaction fee will be charged per order.

Image Credit: Flux Job by Lucy Guerin Inc presented as part of Arts House Season 1, 2022. Photo by Sarah Walker

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