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Behind the Scenes of Hercules

Catch glimpses of the Hercules rehearsal room

Hercules is the archetypal hero story – it’s also the tale of a man who kills his wife and children.

Daniel Schlusser Ensemble’s epic philosophical inquiry into this age-old myth opens soon at Arts House. It’s a journey that begins in a kindergarten and takes us into the very bowels of the underworld. Visually poetic and emotionally profound, it’s a work with three women at its centre. Their investigation has been unflinching, daring, and brutally unsentimental about the real dynamics of heroism.

The result is theatre as a space to question and doubt, and a place for audiences to connect with deep, fundamental emotions.

Catch glimpses of the Hercules rehearsal room below.

About Daniel Schlusser Ensemble

Daniel Schlusser Ensemble (DSE) was founded in 2009 and has created an astonishing range of projects – radical re-workings of plays, site-specific chamber opera, video installation, ambitious adaptations, and intimate works for motion simulation technology. Our philosophy is that content leads form, which results in the embrace of both traditional and new solutions.

DSE has a core belief in the value of ensemble-created theatre, as both an ethical and artistic position. We use a methodology that excites us, terrifies us and respects our vocational status as artists to play and dream publically. We take huge risks, exploring impossible texts, grand ideas and foundational philosophies. We learn as we go, what we are and want we want to be.

Hercules – Daniel Schlusser Ensemble
Tue 24 – Sat 28 May, 2022

GA $20 / BLAKTIX $10

Tickets can be booked here


Images: Anne Moffat

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