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Jo Lloyd

Common Ground

Darren Emerson
HERO IMAGE - Daddy Joel Bray YIRRAMBOI 18.1 - Photo by Bryony JacksonHERO IMAGE - Daddy YIRRAMBOI 18.1 - Photo by Bryony Jackson


Joel Bray
YIRRAMBOI-plenty-serious-TALK-TALK-by-Vicki-van-Hout-Image-by-Heidrun- A person with long dark hair is sitting wearing a floral dress and a fluro orange safety vest. They are holding a broken plate that is in two pieces.

plenty serious TALK TALK

Vicki Van Hout

Return to Escape from Woomera


Makeshift Gathering: Producing and Activism (2019)

The Believers Are But Brothers

Javaad Alipoor & Kirsty Housley

Ruth Crow Corner

Coffee Welcoming Ceremony
I AM WOMAN Collected, Vanessa – Jody Haines


Jody Haines


Hannah Brontë


Making the Margins

Reading / Making Room

Making the Margins


A black and white image of the upper half of Candy Bowers, standing nude with her arms crossed over her chest

Work It – New Manifestos

Candy Bowers and guests


Emily Johnson / Catalyst

Archiving the Margins

in conversation with the artists

Makeshift Workshop: Shifting States, Queer Acts in Sovereignty (2019)

Melbourne International Film Festival

The Waiting Room

Molly Reynolds, Rolf de Heer and Mark Eland

Future Dreaming


MIFF Talks – What Is Virtual Reality Now?

Refuge 2019: Displacement


Jen Rae and Giant Grass

Portage: Raft Workshop

Blak Order

Moorina Bonini and Edwina Green

Ruth Crow Corner

Lorna Hannan and guests

Lost for words: Displacement through enforced and prioritised language

Portage: Shelter – Weaving Workshop

Portage: Flotilla

North Melbourne School of Displacement

Keg de Souza and Claire G. Coleman

Portage: Shelter – Weavers Walk

Over our heads: Housing and homelessness

Street Plan: The Big Brainstorm


In Case of… RediPlan Workshop

Red Cross and Kate Sulan

In a strange land: How does culture survive when you can’t go home

A billycan, a crowbar and an axe: Indigenous survival techniques for the apocalypse

Makeshift Workshop: Queer Club Culture + Design Ecologies (2019)

The Future is Indigenous: Cultural change to survive a climate change world

Not a drop to drink: Aqua nullius and global warming, securing First Nations water rights

Words Nourish Neighbours

Seini Taumoepeau and guests

Nkisi, 33EMYBW, DJ Plead, Makeda


Lucy Guerin Inc

High Performance Packing Tape – Sold Out –

Branch Nebula

Token Armies

Chunky Move

Makeshift Gathering (2019)

Participation in Contemporary Performance

Exit Strategies

Mish Grigor / APHIDS