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Nkisi, 33EMYBW, DJ Plead, Makeda

Presented in Season 2 2019

Australian Premiere
Presented by Arts House, Liquid Architecture and Cool Room

Fri 13 Sep, 8pm
4 hours
$35, concession/student $25, Blaktix $10

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Smoke effects or haze, loud music, adult concepts, nudity

Wheelchair accessible
This is a standing event with limited seating

Artists across continents converge for late night expansions into the musical universes of speculative electronics.

Nkisi fuses worlds to create new realities. Her work interweaves the immediacy of UK hardcore and gabber with traditional Congolese rhythms and African cosmological thought from Bantu-Kongo tradition. Shanghainese Sino-futurist 33EMYBW pushes music beyond the human frame of reference. Traversing programmed realities, her live A/V performance uses game engine graphics to enhance her surrealist digital synthesis. DJ Plead’s high energy polyrhythms merge Lebanese-via-Western-Sydney wedding anthems with contemporary percussive and bass music for the dance floor. Melbourne’s Makeda’s projections of post-capitalist futures swirl through diaphanous electronics, re-imagining the hardcore, jungle and folk traditions at the intersection of her British and Caribbean heritage.

This event is a collaboration between Arts House and two of Melbourne’s essential exponents of experimental and electronic music. Liquid Architecture has long stood at the pinnacle of sonic invention and artistic ambition, while collective Cool Room has pioneered new spaces for marginalised people to gather and dance. After circling for years, these three organisations come together to build something unique.

From trance states to transportive rhythms, prepare for an adventure into new musical identities.

Performances by: Nkisi, 33EMYBW, DJ Plead, Makeda

Curated by: Liquid Architecture and Cool Room


Supported by – The City of Melbourne through Arts House. Nkisi and 33EMYBW presented in association with Soft Centre.
Image by – Alan Sahin