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Double Bill: Sink + Mulch Underground

Double Bill: SINK + Mulch Underground

SINK: Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler

Mulch Underground: Lichen Kelp, Dylan Martorell, Jason Hood, Benjamin Hancock
Mulch Underground image by Dylan Martorell a multicoloured collage with a woman with long brown hair in a silver coat and a person with long blond hair extending their arm

Mulch Underground

Lichen Kelp, Dylan Martorell, Jason Hood and Benjamin Hancock
Chamber Made - Two figures sit on the floor with their back facing us. There is a plain white background with a leafy silhouette on the roof.

Chamber Made Salon – SYSTEM_ERROR

Chamber Made
System_Error - Tamara Saulwick, wearing a brown leather jacket over black t-shirt, smiling at the camera at middle distance. Alisdair Macindoe, wearing a blue collared denim jacket, smiling at the camera at short distance.


Chamber Made