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Housewarming: Listen

Chelle Destefano

A gentle, deeply affecting suite of video and textile works that detail the hidden challenges faced by Deaf people within an audist culture.

Listen is presented by Arts House as part of Housewarming.

Through performance poetry, projection and textiles, award-winning artist Chelle Destefano assembles a powerful series of works that invite Hearing audiences to reflect on the frustrations that Deaf people face daily.

From the challenges of masks in the COVID-19 era to lipreading fatigue, from the oppressive schooling practices of years past to the potential for safe spaces today, this is an eye-opening reflection of lived experiences that many Melburnians may not have considered.

A potent call to eradicate audist practices in favour of building bridges between the Hearing and Deaf communities, Listen speaks to all.

About the artist

Chelle Destefano is a proud Deaf artist, who makes work about her own lived experience as well as work that speaks to the broader Deaf community. Her works are multi-medium and multi-disciplinary, including performance and textiles that inform of the Deaf experiences.

Listen is presented in Auslan and written English.


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Wheelchair accessible
Housewarming Auslan Interpreting sessions are available on Sat 10 Apr 3pm & 5pm

Housewarming tickets are free – bookings essential.

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Lead Artist: Chelle Destefano / Captioning: Chelle Destefano / Voiceovers & Auslan interpreting into voiceovers: Amber Richardson / Image: Courtesy of the artist

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