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Housewarming: Elevation

Aviva Endean, Matthias Schack-Arnott and Samara Hersch

Skip the stairs and take the lift to discover a trio of artists re-inventing elevator music for the post-pandemic age.

Elevation is presented by Arts House as part of Housewarming.


They can be the backdrop to panic or soul-crushing boredom, settings for flirtation or uncomfortable proximity. For a space so small, the elevator looms large in the cultural imagination.

In this new work three of Australia’s leading performance makers tap into the liminal space of the elevator, as walls and ceiling resonate with sound, waves of electronic drones, and claustrophobic space gives way to the limitless potential of the aural… all between three floors.

About the artists

Aviva Endean is an artist dedicated to fostering a deep engagement with sound and music, with the hope that attentive listening can connect people with each other and their environment. She regularly works across a range of contexts including experimental and improvised music, creating theatre works which are designed to be listened to, and working on cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Matthias Schack-Arnott is a Melbourne based percussive artist. His award-winning works involve a melding of sound, visual design and new media to explore our relationship to time and place.

Samara Hersch is an artist and theatre maker engaging in socially and politically driven conversations, events and encounters. She is interested in questions of remoteness, intimacy and the potential of staging absence, particularly through the performative possibilities of sound and voice.


Elevation is presented in the lift at Arts House that contains space for 2 adults at a time.


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Wheelchair accessible
Housewarming Auslan Interpreting sessions are available on Sat 10 Apr 3pm & 5pm

Housewarming tickets are free – bookings essential.

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Concept & Sound: Aviva Endean & Matthias Schack-Arnott / Concept & Dramaturgy: Samara Hersch / Image credit: NosUA

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Housewarming: Elevation

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