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Housewarming: As We Bloom

Irihipeti Waretini and Bella Waru

As We Bloom is a place of reverence in honour and celebration of the growth, expansion and self-realisation the artists witness in their community as they collectively create the space and support systems to ‘become’ and to receive the healing they deserve.

As We Bloom is presented by Arts House as part of Housewarming.

Step into a series of serene, fragrant settings in which the cycles of nature echo the flourishing of the community surrounding the artists. These gently evocative spaces are home to a series of moving portraits that make vivid our potential for growth and self-actualisation.

Inspired by plant life, fauna and a wealth of people who have proven consistently able to flourish in challenging times, As We Bloom is a meditative appreciation of our capacity for growth.

An intimate and thought-provoking conversation between a performer and filmmaker, it is testimony to the kind of art that can only be made through deep, and sustained collaboration and the support of a diverse and resilient community.

About the artists

Bella Waru (Ngati Tukorehe / Te Ati Awa) is a cultural producer and performer living and listening on unceded Kulin lands. A diasporic, queer, Indigenous sovereign, Waru tells stories and creates spaces to honour, uplift, protect and nourish the vitality of their communities, ancestors, lands, Indigenous knowledges and vision. Waru works through dance, voice, composition, writing, exhibition and facilitation. They create, emerging from and returning to the body as a vessel of personal, ancestral and earth memory, invested in processes of connection, healing, incantation, resurgence and celebration.

Irihipeti Waretini is a multidisciplinary storyteller and Ngāti Rangi descendant who narrates, performs, connects, projects and documents the many reflections and dimensions of Self that is the leader, teacher and healer within us all. She is a visual and performing artist who collaborates with organisations and communities to create and support narratives of culture, healing and self sovereignty through her various mediums of personal essays, film, photography, sound composition and performance.


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Co-directors: Irihipeti Waretini & Bella Waru / Videography: Irihipeti Waretini / Performer: Bella Waru / Floristry: Veisinia Tonga / Image courtesy of the artists

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Housewarming: As We Bloom

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