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Housewarming: Deep Clean

Andy Butler

When talk of change and inclusion is said and done, who’s left to clean up the mess?

Deep Clean is presented by Arts House as part of Housewarming.

This meditative video installation explores the chasm that exists between discussions of decolonisation and diversity and the lived experiences of people from minoritised communities. Focusing on the often invisible work performed by cleaners and other service workers, it subtly yet undeniably evokes the ongoing disparities that lie beneath many of our social and economic structures.

Picking at the seams of white guilt, fragility and saviourism, Deep Clean is the continuation of several years of acclaimed artistic, written and curatorial work that Andy Butler has undertaken in exploring the contradictions within our cultural discourses around race.

About the artist

Andy Butler is an artist, writer and curator working across video, performance, painting, text and installation. Andy’s interdisciplinary practice unpacks the structures of power and the political, cultural and interpersonal legacies of Western history and colonialism.


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Wheelchair accessible
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Videographer: Justin Balmain / Actor: Melissa Kew / Sound: Bonnie Cummings / Production & Camera Assistant: Ari Tampubolon / Image: Courtesy of the artist

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