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I am here, You are there, I miss you

Neika Lehman

Presented in Season 1 2021

Commissioned by Arts House for Refuge 2021

21 April – 6 September

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North Melbourne Town Hall


This 6-panel window commission by writer and artist Neika Lehman reflects on the past 12 months. What intimate feelings were shared between people in Melbourne, and what were felt but not quite spoken?

What did we notice for the first time in lives restricted to 5km? The colour of the soil beneath our homes, or the direction of the sea? When it seems like everyone is missing, we can remind ourselves there is always ancient land.

Made in collaboration with graphic designer Lloyd Collins, new work creates a sense of distant but familiar feelings for those walking past.

“Drawing on a life limited to the 5km radius, this work encourages passersby to reflect on what we noticed for the first time in our newly restricted lives.”Neika Lehman, 2021.




About Neika Lehman

Neika Lehman is a writer, artist and member of this mob collective. Neika’s Trawloolway ancestors of tebrakunna Country, lutruwita, shape the loops in Neika’s practice, pointing to tensions between memory, time, desire and Country in the settler colonial state. Neika has lived in North Melbourne, Kulin Country for the past 5 years

Artistic Credits

Concept and Writer - Neika Lehman; Graphic Design - Lloyd Collins

Supported by – Arts House is a key program of the City of Melbourne, and supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.

Image – Neika Lehman and Lloyd Collins