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Corin Ileto and Diimpa

Presented in Season 1 2021

Commissioned by Arts House for Refuge 2021

Fri 30 April: 8pm

Duration: 60 minutes

This event commences with a smoking ceremony and Welcome to Country from 7.30pm. All ticket holders are invited to attend.


For Blaktix – email Kalyani.Mumtaz

North Melbourne Town Hall

Suitable for all ages


Contains scent


disability access symbol wheelchair black

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed environment, no strobes or flashing lights

Close your eyes and take a deep breath: can you smell the gum leaves?

Tension//Relief is a place to seek solace, a medicinal space to pause and recover while in the midst of an ongoing crisis.

With safety, kindness and welcome at its centre, Tension//Relief invites audiences into an atmosphere of ambient music combining acoustic and textural electronic elements. In this new collaboration, composer Corin Ileto and multi-instrumentalist Diimpa explore the sonic possibilities opened up by prepared piano and other experiments in music-making.

This is a sound bath to relax back into.


About Corin Ileto

Corin Ileto is a Filipina-Australian electronic producer, composer and performer based in Naarm working in the field of performance art, sound design, theatre and club spaces. In her compositions, traditional forms merge with hyper-digital soundscapes to create new imaginary realms. Coming from a background in classical piano, she’s interested in creating a sonic space in which classical music can be hybridised with contemporary electronic music production.

About Diimpa

Diimpa is an avant composer, soundscape weaver and sonic wizard. He draws on his experiences as a proud queer autistic Gubbi Gubbi man to effortlessly create worlds of magic and musical journey. Armed with keyboard instruments like analog synthesisers, music, glockenspiel or accordion, Diimpa is influenced by the innovators of the minimalist movement to carve out his own brand of contemporary Australian music.

Artistic Credits

Lead Artists - Corin Ileto and Diimpa; Support - Justin Shoulder and Matthew Stegh; Creative Producer - Kalyani Mumtaz

Supported by –Arts House is a key program of the City of Melbourne, and supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.

Image – by Anu Kumar.