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Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler

Fri 16 & Sat 17 July, 2021

7pm, with Mulch Underground


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This work contains smoke effects, haze, loud percussion, and possible strobe lighting.


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In the endlessly expanding horizon of Australian experimental music, Simona Castricum has carved out a position at the very edge of what’s next. Here she combines her talents with the light and projection sorcery of Carla Zimbler to create a live sonic experience of uncommon depth.

SINK reimagines the experience of stadium techno, stripping back to minimal elements of percussion and projection to create an intimate, immersive relationship between audience and performer.

Informed by Castricum’s background in architecture, the pair will construct a percussive and visual exploration of queer spatial production in hostile urban environments. Blurring the distinction between sonic and spatial experience, SINK adopts the grid-like structure of the neo-liberal city before breaking the square through tactics of garble and feedback, creating a new transient space. The result is a conversational performance that destabilises normative binary frameworks of the city, moving beyond rigid opposites to become fluid.

“Simona Castricum’s new album ‘Panic/Desire’ is a dynamic work of urgent synth-pop — Beat Magazine

“While cerebral, ‘Panic/Desire’ is ultimately emotionally transportive” — Themusic
– read here.

“their big banging techno meets synth pop sound brought the crowd to its feet”  — Double J – read here.

Image: Simona Castricum & Carla Zimbler


About the Artists

Simona Castricum is one of Naarm’s unique underground electronic musicians, producing emotionally textured synthwave and technopop. Her work is inspired by gender nonconformity in architecture, queer urban spatial production manifesting as dreamy future cities between url and IRL spaces.

Carla Zimbler manipulates 3d animation to blur boundaries and distort fragments of the natural world to alter mood and trigger emotional response. Working between physical/digital environments, audiences are coaxed inside immersive spaces where sound-responsive visuals expand, contract and melt into darkness.

Artist Statement

“SINK creates a vortex, a portal within which to speculate the queer body as an event in urban space. Central to the experience of cities for gender nonconforming people is how their bodies and sexuality are cast as non-compliant and unworthy. Where normative expectations would deem space a border, a threshold, no man’s land, a place of impossibility, of contest, of conflict, perhaps the forward slash between m/f, gay/straight is an entire universe in which queer and trans spatial production occurs. The capacity to disrupt and challenge cisnormative spatial production is the opportunity to transform the city’s archives of trauma and punishment into experiences of safety, belonging and delight.”
— Simona Castricum

Artist Credits

Creative & Musical Direction: Simona Castricum

Visual & Staging Direction: Simona Castricum, Carla Zimbler

3D Modeling: Cody McConnell