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$20 for 2021 – that’s all you’ll pay for any ticket to Arts House this year

Arts House is a home for artists who take risks. As a team we build specific and careful scaffold structures for those risks – through relationships or policy or expertise. Our community is perhaps one of the most critical foundations of that scaffold.

One of the weirdest, saddest ways in which the pandemic has affected artists has been in separating them from the people they make work for.

So for the remainder of 2021, we want to make it easy. Easy to be present – with art, with each other, with darkness and with light. We want to make it easy to connect with big questions, provocative ideas and sublime beauty. All of our shows – many of them Australian premieres, from companies and artists at the very top of their game – will be just $20 for everyone.

Our theatre isn’t enormous and (TBC, but likely) our capacities will be limited. So we really encourage you to get in quickly because these amazing works can and will sell out. Unless it’s a specific community whereby we and the artists agree that free tickets should be available, there won’t be many complimentary tickets out there. That’s a bit of a change, but we think that $20 should be doable for most people. And valuing live performance is important.

It’s an experiment and we’re keen to hear what you think – drop us a line at artshouse@melbourne.vic.gov.au or via our socials. See you in North Melbourne!

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