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Virtual Season 2020

Starts 21 May

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Like everyone, Arts House has been housebound lately, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been quiet. We’ve been talking to artists, curators, programmers and thinkers (and enjoying the occasional cameos by pets/toddlers/semi-naked housemates) and we’re just about set to go all digital on you.

Our Virtual Season comprises a banquet of online treats to relish, as we share learnings from our Refuge program, and support the artistic community through Makeshift. From late June, we’ll be launching a much bigger suite of programming in BLEED, a six-year project exploring the relationship between live and digital. We’ve had the pleasure of working on this project with our friends at Campbelltown Arts Centre since late 2018, with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts. We never quite anticipated how relevant this work would become, but we are super excited to share it with you nonetheless. Stay tuned!

And whether you’re an artist or an audience member or something in between, we think you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this Virtual Season. Stop holding your breath. We’re in this together.

Emily Sexton

Artistic Director, Arts House