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Makeshift Digital Gatherings : Stop, Collaborate and Listen.

Presented in Virtual Season 2020

Presented by Arts House

12pm, Thurs 11 Jun
60 mins

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This event will have live captioning
Auslan interpreted on request. Email artshousersvp@melbourne.vic.gov.au by Thu 4 June.

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Makeshift essay relating to this Event – Protuberance by
Ellena Savage.
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Are you still there?

For many artists, isolation means they can’t practise, while for others the day-to-day work of creation hasn’t skipped a beat. How can they learn from one another?

This session will explore how an artist’s identity is tied to the actual act of making art, and how the changing conditions of today affect us both as individuals and as communities. It’s not just artists who are adapting – the very nature of audiences has been forced to evolve, too, and after the mad scramble of the early days of lockdown, new modes of art-making and reception are slowly emerging.

Featuring the thoughts and wisdom of Joel Bray, Susie Dee and Willoh S. Weiland alongside an original essay by Ellena Savage, this Makeshift Digital Gathering will be a rallying call for a splintered community to share their thoughts on making art at this historical moment, and to collectively imagine what comes next.

Host and co-curator: Mish Grigor
Speakers: Susie Dee, Willoh S. Weiland and Joel Bray
Essay commission: Ellena Savage


About the Host

Mish Grigor
Mish Grigor is an artist working in performance across a range of collaborative formats. Using autobiographical tools, humour, and fiction, she examines, wastes and/or cherishes time spent with other people. Interested in the unpredictable, Grigor frequently utilises dialogical spaces, conversational strategies, and other tools of enforced liveness. Based in Melbourne since 2017, she is Director of APHIDS with Lara Thoms and Eugenia Lim. Mish is also one third of POST, formed in 2003, a collaboration who work between popular entertainment and experimental art practices.

Image by – Bryony Jackson