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Uncanny Valley, Girl

Angela Goh

Presented in Season 1 2018

World Premiere
Presented by Arts House for Festival of Live Art

7pm, Wed 14 Mar
7pm, Thu 15 Mar
7pm, Fri 16 Mar
7pm, Sat 17 Mar
4pm, Sun 18 Mar

50 mins
$30 / $20 / $15

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Nudity and strobe effects


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Wheelchair Accessible

Artist Statement:
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Uncanny Valley, Girl plunges into the depths of the uncanny valley, where borders blur between living and inanimate, real and unreal, pleasure and horror. The female body meets the machine, in a hybrid performance that unsettles erotic fantasies and technological utopias alike.

In cinematic history, the female cyborg has portrayed a double dread. Technology rising up to destroy the world is all the more horrifying when the bots are feminine – it’s as if the ultimate terror isn’t just technology, but the rising up of the female as well.

Uncanny Valley, Girl merges seduction and simulation, cracking through the screens to channel the darkest powers of mechanisation and feminisation. Machine and body move one another and with each other, inventing a new narrative for the fembot.

Lead Artist/Choreographer/Performer:
Angela Goh
Corin Ileto
Collaborating Artist:
Holly Childs

Supported by – Arts House through CultureLAB program, Critical Path and Vitalstatistix Adhocracy
Image by – Document Photography