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Intercourse with the Artist

Georgia Banks

Presented in Season 1 2018

Presented by Arts House for Festival of Live Art

12:01 am, Tue 13 – 11:59pm,Wed 14 Mar
48 hrs
Artist Talk:
4.30pm, Sun 18 Mar


Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Intercourse with the Artist is available from 12.01am, Tue 13 until 11.59pm, Wed 14 Mar.

Artist talk may include nudity, coarse language and loud effects


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Wheelchair Accessible

Artist Statement:
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Would you give your number to a stranger? What about hundreds of them? In Intercourse with the Artist, Georgia Banks does just that, making herself available to you as friend, confidante and intimate.

Merging the private and the public, Banks transforms her life into autobiographic theatre for 48 hours, through a series of conversations with strangers. You are given a phone number. You can call whenever you want during those two days.

An opportunity to ‘eavesdrop’ on Banks’s daily life, this performance leaves nothing off limits. Making herself as vulnerable with strangers as she would be with her closest friends, Banks also becomes confessor: an anonymous, faceless receptacle for your hopes, desires, fears and regrets. You can tell her anything. Your secret’s safe with her.*

* Terms and conditions apply.

Creator & Performer:
Georgia Banks

Image by – Georgia Banks