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Daley Rangi

World Premiere
Presented by Arts House

Wednesday 20 – Sunday 24 March 2024 
Wed 20 – Fri 22 March, 7pm   
Sat 23 March 3pm & 7pm 
Sun 24 March 5pm 

90 minutes, includes two short breaks 

Standard $35 
Reduced $20 
A small transaction fee will be charged per order. 

Want to be a player? 
Indicate your interest in the booking process. Players will be selected as part of the show. 

Post-show artist talk
Thu 21 March for all ticket holders

Suitable for ages 16 + 

Dissent contains haze, soft atmospheric sound, and lights that gently change in colour and intensity.  

Dissent involves role-play and invites four players to make choices and respond to provocations. These provocations encourage facilitated, but improvised, exploration of hyperlocal social, political, or economic class systems and dynamics, and may imagine situations which involve acts of authoritarianism, aggression, coarse language, and other violence. Audience members may also be asked direct questions by the artist. 

Pre-Show Access Session 
All shows include a 15-minute drop-in session 1 hour prior to start time for anyone who would benefit from being in the performance space beforehand, to learn more about the work and meet the performer in a relaxed setting. 

Relaxed space  
These are not relaxed performances in the usual sense, but audience members are welcome to come and go as they please, be themselves, make noise, stim, and respond to the work for the duration.  

Visual descriptions will be integrated into performances. 

More detailed access information will be available prior to the event. 

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Assistance Animal
Aural Rating 50%
Companion Card
Wheelchair Accessible
Quiet Space Available

Roll the dice, make your choice. 

Four players take on the role of a fellow community member. As the rest of us watch on, an unnerving and hyperlocal world is created through imagination and play. The streets of North Melbourne become a site of escalating and discomforting choices, where the lines of responsibility between ‘individual’ and ‘community’ blur.  

From shapeshifting Māori storyteller Daley Rangi, Dissent is an irreverent and provocative exploration of everyday resistance. Each roll of the dice and subsequent decision shapes an unfolding story, as we face predicaments that bring us into conflict with forces of authority, and with our own morality. 

With custom-designed game pieces and a supportive and playful host, this is a warm-hearted and immersive tabletop roleplaying encounter of ethical and social dilemma.   

No-one is forced to play, but as the game unfolds, you won’t be able to look away.   

★★★★   “Biting and dark, yet still inviting…Rangi creates an ethereal world of queer joy.”  
Time Out Sydney (for Takatāpui)  


About the artists

Daley Rangi is a shapeshifter, a Te Ātiawa Māori artist at large. Joyfully unpredictable, they generate antidisciplinary works investigating injustice and speaking truth to power. They are neurodivergent, which infiltrates and informs their practice. Thus far, they have exhumed tall tales of ecological sovereignty, disability autonomy, contested history, ethical anthropophagy, queer adaptability, ideological virality, and many other manifestations.

Daley is currently in-residence at Sydney Theatre Company as part of Watershed: Writers. Their solo performance works include Takatāpui (Sydney Opera House/The Blue Room Theatre/Basement Theatre), Lipstuck (PICA), Brutal (Critical Stages), and Prime Real Estate (Performance Space). They have written three plays; Curiosity, Beautiful Place by the Sea, and Fever Pitch, the latter under commission with Malthouse Theatre. The first two were both shortlisted for the Griffin Award, and the former also for the Patrick White Playwrights Award. Daley was Associate Director on The Lewis Trilogy (Griffin Theatre Company), and Assistant Director on City of Gold and Fences (Sydney Theatre Company). They were the winner of the Midsumma Art Award in 2020, and recipient of the Stephen Cummins Residency the same year, undertaken with Performance Space. They have published a collection of poetry and hauntings, titled Burnt Tongue. Daley, like their practice, is inspired by their whakapapa and still searching for answers.

Artist Statement

Whatever your positionality, games are one of our most ancient rituals; a vital conduit for imagination, cultural development, and social bonding. They are a way for us to joyfully pass on the vastness of intergenerational knowledge and practices - to learn where we’ve been, where we are, and where we could end up. Every being knows how to engage in play, and it’s one of the few things which truly connects us. Within the mechanics of games, we can also be caught in the act of revealing ourselves; that is, our values and ethics. Games are one of the small ways we shape ourselves, and in turn, shape our communities, our world. This work originally emerged from tales of mischievous and resolute acts of passive resistance within my own ancestral weaves, and how, every day, we must continue these actions, however small - to gently (or perhaps not-so-gently) resist microcosms of colonial and capitalist violence. How does one hold the vastness of these hypocrisies within oneself? As Audre Lorde opines, maybe “the personal as the political can begin to illuminate all our choices.” There will be no answers here, so do not seek them. Only a playful pathway to reveal that, maybe, just making the choice, to choose to act, is a practical and productive way forward.

– Daley Rangi


Lead Artist, Writer, and Performer: Daley Rangi

Supported by
Dissent has been commissioned by the City of Melbourne through Arts House, and supported by Performance Space and Bundanon Trust through Liveworks Lab, and Carriageworks through the Clothing Store Artist Studios.

Image Credit: Tiffany Garvie

Image Description: A photo of non-binary writer and performer Daley Rangi, sitting at a table, which is covered in a smooth, black cloth. Daley is wearing a black t-shirt, over which is an open, button-up shirt, which has a forest-green olive leaf pattern. Around their neck, they wear a Māori greenstone pendant in the shape of a small club. Daley is also wearing a neon purple beanie which covers their entire face, with rough-cut holes for their eyes and mouth. Daley has a beard, which is poking through the mouth-hole of the beanie. Their eyes look black, and they are gazing intensely at the camera. They hold a neon purple twenty-sided die in their left hand, their elbow resting on the table. They are wearing two rings on their left hand, made out of paua shell – which comprises iridescent blues, greens, and purples. Their right hand is flat on the table. On the table is a wooden box, with an assortment of dice and game pieces piled in front of it. The scene is lit with a cold, white front light, and, on either side of Daley, is a visible blue and red flash.