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Justin Shoulder

Presented in Season 1 2018

Presented by Arts House

8pm, Wed 27 Jun
8pm, Thu 28 Jun
8pm, Fri 29 Jun
2pm, Sat 30 Jun
8pm, Sat 30 Jun

60 mins
$35 / $30 / $25

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Contains nudity, smoke effects and loud music


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Wheelchair Accessible
Auslan Interpreted – 8pm, Sat 30 Jun


Show program:
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Melding flesh, costume and a robo-primordial aesthetic, this stunning new solo performance by Justin Shoulder (V, The River Eats) introduces the figure of Carrion – a shape-shifting, posthuman spectre that speaks in multiple forms and languages. Darkly sensuous, dancerly and dreamlike, Carrion conceives an imaginary world that is hauntingly and brilliantly animate.

Driven by nostalgia, Carrion wanders an archaeological site, uncovering objects. As the journey unfolds, startling new truths are revealed about simulation, consumption and worship in an age of excess and acceleration. What does it mean to be human, at a time when our destructive influence is redefining nature itself?

Drawing on queer and ancestral mythologies, Carrion collides distant past with far future, heralding the changes that lie waiting inside us. Mesmerising and tender, elemental and fantastical, Carrion is a rite, a birth, a speculation – morphing the ‘natural’ in a unique vision of what performance can be.

Lead Artist:
Justin Shoulder
Corin Ileto
Mentor & Artistic Collaborator:
Victoria Hunt
Costume & Set Designers:
Matthew Stegh, Justin Shoulder
Costume & Set Design Assistants:
Anthony Aitch, Marty Jay


Lighting Designer:
Benjamin Cisterne
Sound Mastering:
Bob Scott
Insite Arts
Stage & Production Manager:
Amber Silk

Supported by – Arts NSW, The Myer Foundation, Critical Path and the University of New South Wales.
Acknowledgements – Carrion was commissioned by Performance Space for the 2017 Liveworks Festival
Image by – Alex Davies