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A Song to Change the World

Jason Maling & Song-Ming Ang

Presented in Season 1 2018

World Premiere
Presented by Arts House for Festival of Live Art

Launch Event:
8.30pm, Wed 14 Mar
The Song:
4.30pm, Sun 25 Mar


Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

A Song to Change the World is a participatory art work where participants are invited to help make a song that will change the world through an open workshop. Sign up here. 

May include coarse language

Wheelchair Accessible

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Artist Statement:
PDF version
Word version

A public program, a social question, and a band continually reinventing itself, A Song to Change the World takes on the perpetual performance of the impossible. Using whatever strategies and approaches are at hand, it tries to answer the seemingly simple yet fiendishly complex question: What would that song be?

With earnest ambition constantly thwarted by ever-expanding possibilities, Maling and Ang are not deterred. Resisting the pressure, they embrace doubt and offer it as a solution. But how?

Lists, lots of lists. Lots of YouTube watching. Some drawing. Definitely t-shirts, stickers, posters. If they’re feeling brave, some playing of instruments but probably minimal singing. Most likely they’ll find other people to do that. Oh, and PowerPoint presentations, because they make things feel important.

Creators & Performers:
Jason Maling & Song-Ming Ang
Additional Performers:
Luna Mrozik Gawler, Imogen Newhouse &Christopher Brown

Image by – Jason Maling & Song-Ming Ang