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World Premiere
Presented by Arts House for Festival of Live Art

Sat 24 Mar

Argyle Square

Specific times to be announced closer to the date

Please note, the time and date of this event has since changed from when our program when to print. Please refer to this webpage for the correct time and date. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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Wheelchair Accessible

In this live endurance performance, Cigdem Aydemir must return serves sent from a tennis-ball throwing machine, which ejects a ball whenever the word ‘terror’ is tweeted. With tweets appearing around every 15 seconds, The New National Sport questions the stamina of a society inundated by – and desensitised to – the news of terror.

On a specially designed court, Aydemir ducks and weaves to negotiate the unpredictability and relentlessness of the machine, which is connected to an iPad that displays the emerging tweets. Resembling a macabre tennis game, The New National Sport reflects the constant vigilance experienced by the artist – a Muslim woman – and the larger Muslim community, regardless of whether a new act of terror occurs or is committed by a Muslim.

Terror – if it doesn’t kill us, will it make us stronger?

Creator & Performer:
Cigdem Aydemir
Technical Programmer:
Warren Armstrong

Image by – Cigdem Aydemir