Makeshift Publics

2020 has seen our urban ecologies experience vast upheavals. Makeshift Publics is a new two year program empowering artists to repurpose the tools we’ll use to forge our way through this historical moment.

Each year will see 10 artists and 8 facilitators creating work adjacent to each other, sharing learning and experience, and acting as portals onto the diverse communities to which they’re intimately connected. Through ongoing, sustained engagement and a profound curiosity towards the meaning of art in a time of crisis, these artists will focus on the practical ways that art can rebuild our shared public sphere.

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Makeshift Digital Gatherings

Makeshift Digital Gatherings are online participatory events for artists working across disciplines to connect and engage with each other.

Hosted by a curated panel of guests, Digital Gatherings are designed to offer artists the opportunity to investigate, explore and discuss complex ideas in a conversational format over Zoom during lunchbreaks.

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Makeshift Workshops

Makeshift Workshops are three-day intensives for artists working across disciplines.

Led by a different artist/collective each time, Makeshift workshops are designed to offer artists time and space to investigate, collaborate and explore eclectic ideas and radical approaches to artmaking with a group of cross-disciplinary peers without the pressure of an outcome.

Makeshift lead artists determine participants’ application and selection process. Arts House provides the space and resources to make it happen.

Selected participants are provided with a stipend and lunch. If you require access support, including Auslan interpretation, please let us know when applying.

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Photo: courtesy of Samira Farah and Areej Nur