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time absorbs the feelings it produces

Nikki Lam

Presented in Season 1 2022

Digital Essay
Presented by Arts House as part of Makeshift Publics Critical Response Series

Available online via the link here

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Nikki Lam’s digital essay time absorbs the feelings it produces uses audio, video and text to perform a playful meditation on time and its upsets as we scroll, swipe and tap at our futures. 

It can feel as though we’re living in strange times right now, where the rhythms that dictate our experience – collectively, culturally, historically – overlap and intersect in unexpected ways.

Nikki Lam’s digital essay navigates the times and spaces that intersect when we scroll, swipe and tap, forging dizzying digital trails guided by our emotional needs.

An interactive webpage employing audio, video and text; time absorbs the feelings it produces is a project about diving into the media we consume, the narratives we expect, the memories we shrug free of, and the selves we enact online. At the same time, the slippages of memory and the gaps in our knowledge are filled in with endless replays of screen content, so that it can be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.


About the Artist

Nikki Lam is an artist, curator and producer based in Narrm. Working primarily with moving images, her work explores hybridity and memory through the contemplation on time, space and impermanence. Born in Hong Kong, her current research focuses on the artistic agency during cultural, social and political transitions, particularly within screen cultures. With an expanded practice in writing and festival making, Nikki is currently co-director of Hyphenated Projects and Hyphenated Biennial, as well as curator-at-large of The Substation. She has been the Artistic Director of Channels Festival, alongside many hybrid roles in the arts. Nikki is currently undertaking a PhD (Art) at RMIT University.

Image credit: Nikki Lam

Image description: Image shows a black and white cliff covered in moss and other low growing plants against a stark white background.

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