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Set Piece

Anna Breckon and Nat Randall

Presented in Season 1 2021

World Premiere
Presented by Arts House and RISING

Arts House
Meat Market
5 Blackwood Street
North Melbourne

Nudity, adult themes, suitable for ages 16+


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Due to current circumstances, Arts House’s presentation of Set Piece from Wednesday 2 June until Saturday 5 June has been cancelled.

Ticket holders to performances between these dates will be contacted directly regarding a full refund. For further information or enquiries, please contact Arts House on 03 9322 3720.

From the acclaimed makers of The Second Woman,
Set Piece sits at the intersection of theatre, film and dance.

Loosely taking the premise of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf as its starting point, Set Piece examines intergenerational lesbian coupledom. 

Genre bending and full of wit it shifts from realism to fantasy and from the clichéd to inventive, using film techniques, theatre citations, pulp fiction, interview material and improvisations to explore the reaches of queer erotic dynamics. 

With saturated lighting, a cinematic score, close-up filmed images, and a lush set creating synesthetic pleasure, Set Piece is an evolving exploration of desire and intimacy.

Inside the Creative Minds of Set Piece:
Read RISING’s chat with creators Anna Breckon and Nat Randall here.



About Anna Breckon and Nat Randall

Anna Breckon (Co-Creator) is an independent artist, film studies lecturer, and critic. Anna competed a research-based PhD on queer and feminist cinema in the English Department at The University of Sydney in 2018. Her thesis considers queer forms of happiness in a selection of contemporary auteur films. Anna has published on John Waters (2013) and Todd Solondz (2018) in one of her field's top scholarly journals Screen (Oxford University Press). In 2010, Anna received a Master of Arts in Film, TV and Media Studies on the films of John Waters from The University of Auckland. Over the last five years, Anna has worked as a director, editor, and writer for projects presented at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Performance Space, Dark Mofo, Perth Festival and The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Over the last ten years, Anna has also worked on numerous feature films, short films, advertisements, music videos, documentary television programs, and video installations as First AD, Editor, Director and Art Director.

Nat Randall (Co-Creator) is an artist working at the intersection of performance, video and film experimenting with interdisciplinary practices that seek to explore liveness, contingency and power dynamics. Randall has presented work at major institutions, galleries and festivals nationally and internationally. Randall is a founding member of art collective Hissy Fit and performance collective Team MESS. Through these collaborations she has presented work extensively across Australia. Hissy Fit makes work across video, performance and sound Team MESS work specifically within a contemporary theatre context. Randall studied at the University of Wollongong where she developed a breadth of performance practice including devised work, site specific practice and participatory work. Randall is currently on the Artistic Directorate of PACT centre for emerging and experimental art.


Artist Statement

In our new work, we explore optimistic possibilities of alternative modes of intimacy and queer intergenerational erotics. Set Piece takes its quotes and points of reference from low brow genres, from lesbian pulp novels of the 1950s and 60s, films and TV. The script as a collection of quotes from low status literature and art forms points to a history of an identity being offered scraps of representation, having to seek out bits and pieces, of any kind from anywhere. Like the furniture in the set, Set Piece's script is a compilation of kinky, trashy, scrappy, low-status literary pieces.

Collaboration is key to our process. We have worked with a range of artists across various disciplines to contribute to this work. Sculpture, choreography, sound, video art and design. We are fortunate to have works in the piece from Nina Buchanan, Matthew Griffin, Megan Hanson, and to have work with Vic Hunt on the choreography. We are lucky to be working with an incredible cast Anni Finsterer, Dina Pannozzo and Carly Sheppard.

Set PIece extends our investment in the intersection of film and theatre. We bring film conventions and form into the stature and experience of the show, attempting for the video to be of equal importance to the stage. Through video, Set Piece emphasises the non-verbal, the gestural, and the minor. Our aim is to maximize intimacy and proximity. It is to engage a range of different kinds of visual pleasures.

We wanted to represent lesbian lives, not so much about ‘identity’ but to explore everyday ordinary queer experiences, pleasures and fantasies. Set Piece is an exploration of the queer ordinary, in both story and form.

Anna Breckon + Nat Randall

Artistic Credits

Co-creators - Anna Breckon and Nat Randall / Director - Anna Breckon / Writers - Anna Breckon and Nat Randall in collaboration with Andrew Brophy / Performers – Anni Finsterer, Dina Panozzo, Nat Randall, Carly Sheppard / Set design - Genevieve Murray (Future Method Studio) / Choreographer - Victoria Hunt / Lighting design - Karen Norris /Music Composition - Nina Buchanan /Sound Design - Daniel Herten /Cinematographer - Ross Turley /Lead camera operator - EO Gill /Music Composition - Nina Buchanan / Sound Design - Daniel Herten /Light sculpture - Megan Hanson /Video work on TV - Matthew Griffin /Hair and Makeup Design - Sophie Roberts /Intimacy Choreographer - Danielle Micich /Intimacy Consultant – Michela Carattini /Dramaturg - Miranda Harcourt /Production Manager – Gordon Rymer /Producer and tour manager - Fenn Gordon for Tandem

Supported by –

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative, managed by the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, in association with the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals Inc., commissioned by Adelaide Festival, Rising, Perth Festival and Sydney Festival.

Original co-commissioners: Performance Space, Arts House and Vitalstatistix

Image: Robert Catto

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