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Season 2, 2014 Program

Presented in Season 2 2014

Aug – Nov 2014
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Welcome to Arts House Season 2, 2014

Earlier this year Arts House hosted two young UK artists, Josh Ben-Tovim and Roseanna Anderson, in a threeday mini-residency where they spent time with Melbourne artists from different disciplines – visual artist David Cross, animateur Mariaa Randall and choreographer Natalie Cursio. On the last day, Josh and Roseanna courageously opened up the process, and curious friends and observers were fortunate to see the beginnings of a new work; generously helping the artists to identify critical questions and methodological issues that will inform the continuing development. Seeing work at this nascent stage reminded me of the incredible depth of research and development that lies behind each and every presentation by artists, as they challenge both themselves and audiences to take creative risks, drawing on all their skills, courage and rigour to offer a different view of the world.

So whilst we are super-excited about the five stunning presentations in Season 2, we are equally thrilled by our seven artists and companies at the start of the process with CultureLAB, the three projects in development (DigiLab, Dance Exchange and Live Art Camp) and the opportunity that the Greenie-in-Residence Project has provided this year to think deeply about what we do and how we do it.

Please join us in August to kick off Season 2 at our inaugural Supper Club – a social event with head food as well as food for the belly, a place to make new and meet old friends and to talk more about our changing world and our place in it. And in November, close out the season with Going Nowhere – a three-day event exploring how to create amazing international arts collaborations without getting on a plane.