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Season 1, 2006 Program

Presented in Season 1 2006

Jan – Jun, 2006
Season Program:
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Arts House acknowledges and respects the customs and traditions of Indigenous Australians and their special relationship with the land. The artists and organisers respectfully acknowledge that this program takes place on the traditional land of the Wurendjeri people.

Arts House is a City of Melbourne initiative committed to nurturing the development of new arts practices, works and audiences. As part of this commitment, Arts House provides support to artists creating dynamic possibilities to allow artists, audiences and the wider community to actively participate in Melbourne’s arts and culture.

Each year Arts House presents a curated program of contemporary art featuring performances, exhibitions, installations and cultural events that we hope inspires dynamic community engagement. Central to Arts House program is a commitment to contemporary arts practices and provocative new ideas.

art in a dry climate is Arts House program for 2006. This reference is not a curatorial theme for the work presented here or a glib nod to emerging global climactic conditions or even an acknowledgement of the social landscape we find ourselves in. It simply acknowledges that artists, no matter where they create their work, can create extraordinary work in the increasingly complex and sometimes challenging environment in which we all live.

Far from an arid zone, this program is lush in its imagination and creativity. All of the projects presented here will evoke a response… some of us will feel challenged, most will be entertained and all of us will be encouraged to see the world in a slightly new way.

The Body Corporate season celebrates the complexities of body and image and showcases major new works by Chunky Move, Sue Healey, Tania Liedtke, Natalie Cursio (and seven of her friends!), Jurij Konjar (Slovenia) and Gabrielle Nankivel along with The Fondue Set, Simon Ellis and many other collaborators.

At a time when our attention will be on sport Arts House will present a series of works which illuminate many aspects of this very significant part of our culture. Winners are Grinners and From a distance… are two projects examining sport and national identity.

We are particularly pleased to partner Arts Victoria in Culture LAB – a tactical initiative enabling artists and their collaborators to research, develop, present and extend their work at the newly re-furbished Meat Market. The first edition of Culture LAB kicks off in January 2006.

So, on behalf of the great Arts House team and reference group we hope that you will find something fresh, unexpected and extraordinary in art in a dry climate.

Arts House