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Presented in Season 2 2016

Presented by Arts House

1pm-12am, Sat 30 Jul
12am- 12pm, Sun 31 Jul
23 hrs (in-person viewing
during opening hours only,
see website for details)
Artist Talk
3pm, Sun 31 Jul

75 mins

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair Accessible

Coarse language, suitable for ages 11+

Artist Statement:
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As you tap your message from the other side, I think this is the closest we will ever be, between us a wall a trillion skins thick.

Technology, creative fiction and endurance performance are combined in RIMA, a 23-hour long performance and digital media installation by SQUIDSILO. Inhabiting both the physical and virtual worlds, performer Julie Vulcan and media artist Ashley Scott explore strategies for survival by poetically re-framing the abject facts behind the effects of solitary confinement and isolation.

Confined to a 2 x 3 metre area, Vulcan’s movements, alongside incremental environmental changes, trigger sensors that in turn simultaneously dispatch a correlated text stream onto the wall and out to the twittersphere. Scott combines live and pre-recorded sound to at once accentuate time passing and disturb the space.

RIMA is a response to Vulcan’s research into the psychological and physical effects of solitary  confinement. The short missives of text build over 23 hours into a fictional narrative that hovers somewhere between an indistinct present and a speculative sci-fi future.

Follow the live stream via twitter @squidsilo or squidsilo.net/rima3/

Performance, Text & Set Design:
Julie Vulcan
Sound & Programmer:
Ashley Scott

Supported by – RIMA was developed during artist in residence programs at the Lock-Up and Bundanon Trust in 2013. A first iteration was supported and presented at The Lock-Up Contemporary Art Centre, Newcastle.
Image by –
Ashley Scott