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BLEED 2022 Symposium

Presented in Season 2 2022

Presented by Arts House, Campbelltown Arts Centre and Taipei Performing Arts Center as part of BLEED 2022.

20 September– 21 September, 2022

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BLEED (Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital) was conceived by Campbelltown City Council through Campbelltown Arts Centre, and the City of Melbourne through Arts House. BLEED 2022 is produced and presented by Campbelltown City Council through Campbelltown Arts Centre, and the City of Melbourne through Arts House, Taipei Performing Arts Center and Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.  BLEED has been supported by the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and Cultural Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney.

The BLEED Symposium is a collection of talks, panels, a keynote and an online party that coalesce the ideas and key curatorial enquiries of the 2022 program.

How is digital sovereignty enacted for First Nations people online?

What are the boundaries between artistic and institutional practice?

What are we hoping for in the next era of digital flux?

How do we gather, find joy and comfort in the online worlds and communities we find ourselves in.

Join us for two days, one night at the BLEED Symposium.

The BLEED Symposium program is now live and ready for you to explore here.

Symposium KEYNOTE: Timekeeping on Country

20 September, 12:00PM AEST
Cass Lynch

To open the BLEED ECHO Symposium, writer and researcher Cass Lynch will present a keynote addressing concepts around First Nations sovereignty, digital geography, climate change and explore concepts of Indigenous time.

Symposium Panel: On the Threshold of Landing

20 September, 14:00PM AEST
Clothilde Bullen and Anchi Lin, hosted by Tamsen Hopkinson

Bringing together First Nations voices from across oceans to address Landing and Oceaning as methods to travel between borders, and indeed transgress borders.

Symposium Panel: Curating and Creating in Digital Flux

21 September, 17:00PM AEST
Jacina Leong and Akil Ahamat, hosted by River Lin

Bringing together curators and creators whose practice blurs the boundaries and intersections between institutional and artistic practice, this panel will look at the methods and ethos of creating work in this mid/post-pandemic era of digital flux, where the edges and borders of the digital, the live, the real and unreal have bumped up against the power dynamics inherent in the institution>artist relationship.

Symposium Party: Jebatied

21 September, 20:00PM AEST
Hosted by Mat Spisbah and Henry Lai-Pyne

Jebaited by art, panel discussions, jebaited… Artists involved in the BLEED program will be invited into a swirling twitch broadcast that fronts as a discussion about their work, but will dive into realms of the internet unknown.

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