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And the Birds Fell from the Sky

il pixel rosso

Presented in Season 1 2012

Presented by Arts House

2.30-4.30pm, Wed 29 Feb
2.30-4.30pm, Thurs 1 Mar
2.30-4.30pm, Fri 2 Mar
6-9pm, Wed 29 Feb
6-9pm, Thurs 1 Mar
6-9pm, Fri 2 Mar
1-4pm, Sat 3 Mar
5.30-8.30pm, Sat 3 Mar
1-4pm, Sun 4 Mar
5.30-7.30pm, Sun 4 Mar
2.30-4.30pm, Wed 7 Mar
2.30-4.30pm, Thurs 8 Mar
2.30-4.30pm, Fri 9 Mar
6-9pm, Wed 7 Mar
6-9pm, Thurs 8 Mar
6-9pm, Fri 9 Mar
1-4pm, Sat 10 Mar
5.30-8.30pm, Sat 10 Mar

1-4pm, Sun 11 Mar
5.30-7.30pm, Sun 11 Mar

2.30-4.30pm, Wed 14 Mar
2.30-4.30pm, Thurs 15 Mar
2.30-4.30pm,Fri 16 Mar
6-9pm, Wed 14 Mar
6-9pm, Thurs 15 Mar
6-9pm,Fri 16 Mar
1-4pm, Sat 17 Mar
5.30-8.30pm, Sat 17 Mar

1-4pm, Sun 18 Mar
5.30-7.30pm, Sun 18 Mar

20 mins every 15 mins
$15 / $10

No performances Mondays or Tuesdays.

Two participants per performance. Bookings can be made individually.

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

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Wheelchair Accessible

Themes and subject matter suitable for audiences over the age of 15. Performance contains some violence, very loud music and effects. People who suffer from claustrophobia may find this performance challenging. Audience will be fitted with video goggles

Show Program:
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Anarchic, dreamy and dangerous, And the Birds Fell from the Sky is a work of subtlety, provocation, political resonance and technical ingenuity – a joyride from inside your head all the way to the edge of civilisation, crammed into a car with three Faruk clowns.

An immersive performance combining ‘autoteatro’ style instructions with film, by artist/devisor and ‘autoteatro’ pioneer Silvia Mercuriali (Rotozaza) and multi-awardwinning filmmaker and artist, Simon Wilkinson, And the Birds Fell from the Sky casts you as the central character, located at the heart of the story.

Equipped with video goggles and headphones so that sight, hearing and movement through space are hijacked and fully fused with the work itself, get ready to enter a compelling fictional reality that becomes gradually more real and present than the world around you…

Simon Wilkinson, Silvia Mercuriali
Xelis Del Toro, Silvia Mercuriali, Simon Wilkinson, Matt Rudkin, Avis Cockbill, Sharon Honour Mission, Lucy Joy, Joe Kenney, Ulysses Black, Lewis Reid, Crystal Dave Reid
Joe Murray, Simon Wilkinson
Art Director:
Matt Rudkin
Script Development:
Matt Rudkin
Audio/Video Editors:
Silvia Mercuriali, Simon Wilkinson

Supported by – Brisbane Powerhouse
Acknowledgement –Commissioned by White Night Brighton & Hove. Funded by the Arts Council England.
Image by – Joe Murray