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A sound proposition

Music takes the lead for two weeks of sonic transformation at Arts House

Melbourne winters are a time for contemplation, but that doesn’t mean you have to be housebound. The next fortnight at Arts House is devoted to aural explorations that will warm the senses and invigorate the mind.

First up is Chamber Made’s SYSTEM_ERROR, an uncategorisable experience with a one-of-a-kind instrument at its core. Alisdair Macindoe has invented a vast device that is activated through touch, so that human bodies are an integral component of the instrument itself.

Around this is woven a fascinating work incorporating movement, text, data visualisation and sonic manipulation, creating a compelling space in which themes of mortality, forgetting and the promise of eternal life circulate. It’s a dynamic and magnetic work not quite like anything else you’ve seen.

Then it’s time for an exciting double bill: SINK is a conceptually rich and musically daring performance by cult electronic artist Simona Castricum. It’s stadium techno delivered on an intimate scale – big ideas made personal. Castricum is known for music that’s more than just escape, and with SINK you can expect sonic architecture that queers norms and shakes up social boundaries.

After the show head downstairs to Mulch Underground, where plant-life is something grander than the mere backdrop to live DJing and performance. This is an instillation in which botanical greenery transforms the art that takes place within it, where plants are as much the partygoers as you are. Grab a drink, have a dance, or just play the wallflower.

Live music is central to Melbourne’s cultural identity, but we know that there are forms of performance that you won’t find at a pub gig, and those are the kinds of experiences Arts House is here to enable. Hear all about it this July.

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Wed, 7 July – Sun, 11 July

SINK + Mulch Underground

Sat, 16 & Sun, 17 July

Keelan O’Hehir