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Makeshifts Publics in the Media

James Nguyen speaks to Melbourne Magazine about art in the pandemic, our changing social relationships and his role as a Makeshift Publics facilitator, while artist Efren Pamilacan was the subject of The Age story on this new program.

‘COVID was profoundly disruptive and anxiety inducing for so many people trying to simply survive, let alone focus on their creative practice,’ said James Nguyen.

‘However, as time passed, many people (even those who never would have called themselves artists) came to the realisation that small and humble forms of compulsive creativity – like observation, making jokes, and doing things with their hands – were actually the most essential forms of survival.’

Read the Melbourne Magazine story here.

‘It’s time for street dance to reclaim public spaces.’ said Efren Pamilacan, one of the selected artists for the program, who is also a street dancer, has posted some interesting questions in this interview.

Read The Age article here.

Image: James Nguyen - image courtesy to the artist.