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Thu 2 – Thu 9 Apr

Spectral is a series of installations and performances that dive into the spaces between sound and light. From immersive interruptions that capture the mind, to synaesthetic voyages beyond the boundaries of the body, these works demand to be experienced. A new addition to the Arts House calendar in 2019, broaden your mental bandwidth for brand new transmission in 2020.

This year Spectral delivers a stunning live experience in a gig night that brings together some of the most cutting edge artists working both locally and abroad. Ireland-based, Australian-born artist Robert Curgenven creates work that emphasises our embodied response to sound and our environment. For Spectral: Live he will present his new light and sound performance with artist Kat McDowall. Melbourne-based experimental art collective House of Vnholy, known for their transcendent dark performance events that sculpt light, video and sound, will lead audiences down a strange experiential rabbit hole. This is a gig that won’t be quickly forgotten.

Elsewhere in Arts House Sydney artist Del Lumanta will redeem Muzak of its dire reputation with Wallpaper III and IV; an elevator-based sound installation responding to the history and experience of the building itself. Curious and riddled with surprises, it is an unexpected engagement with a corner of sound-making often ignored or dismissed.

Japanese artist Shohei Fujimoto weaves 3D lightscapes that dramatise the clash of the forces of order and chaos. Hypnotic and transporting, his works are both minimalist in form and lavish in their effects. Spectral will premiere a brand new work alongside two of the most recent works in his widely-acclaimed power of one series.