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By Jen Rae & Claire G. Coleman

Commissioned by Arts House
for Refuge 2021.

This video transmission was part of First Assembly of the Centre for Reworlding, a participatory palaver event at Arts House on Tuesday 27 April.


Closed captioned

Auslan interpreted

It’s 2042 and Claire is past her use-by date. She knows apocalypse and doesn’t want another groundhog day. In this call from the future, artists Jen Rae and Claire G. Coleman hack time to share warnings and stories of refugium.

Experiencing this artwork:

Refugium is available for viewing on request. Please email us to access. 

Duration: 26 minutes
View video at full screen.

Warnings Contains profanity and discussing the climate emergency, apocalypse, euthanasia, gender violence, suicide and filicide, and might be distressing to some people.


WATCH REFUGIUM – Auslan Interpreted

Artistic Statement

“Centred on First Nations knowledge and protocols, Refugium hacks time and compounding existential crises, delves into moral dilemmas of life and death and hones in on child-centred trauma prevention and intergenerational justice in the coming collapse. What are the conversations that we aren’t having now that might aid us, our loved ones and our future ancestors? What are we willing to give up and/or fight for in the greatest challenge facing humanity.” – Jen Rae, 2021

Artistic Credits
Lead Artists – Jen Rae and Claire G. Coleman; Director/ Dramaturg – Kamarra Bell-Wykes; Video – Devika Bilimoria; Sound- Marco Cher-Gibard; Make-up: Danielle Ruth – wowfx; Hair – Tor Hellander

Supported by – This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Arts House is a key program of the City of Melbourne, and supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.

Image – Refugium film still, courtesy of the Artists