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Mulch Underground

Lichen Kelp, Dylan Martorell, Jason Hood and Benjamin Hancock

Fri 16 & Sat 17 July, 2021

7pm, with SINK

90 mins

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Moments of loud music and dry ice effects.


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Wheelchair accessible

A subterranean nightclub for plant-based partygoers.

Let your roots dig deep into the fertile sensory soil of Mulch Underground, the bar and performance venue for rainbow molluscs, plant lovers and off-duty flora.

Following the heady thrills of SINK upstairs, come below for a subterranean afterparty where you will bear witness to plants on a rare night out as they sprout, propagate and spawn amidst a multi-sensorial performance by Kelping.

This immersive and hands-on installation lets you cross-pollinate with other organisms in the lower depths of Arts House. Experience the sounds of photosynthesizers, flower choirs and playable frozen compost sculptures as performers unfurl and push towards the surface. Lift yourself out of deep hibernation for a night of planning the mycorrhizal revolution over drinks on the dancefloor. Dress in florals, come in your gardening clothes or just wear something plain dirty.

Image: Lichen Kelp & Dylan Martorell


About the Artists

Kelping are a collaborative extension of Lichen Kelp's performance chemistry practice. Their shows combine Lichen’s electronic ikebana and interactive ice sculptures with Dylan Martorell’s immersive soundscapes and seminal costumes, and dance and movement by Benjamin Hancock and Jason Hood.

Lichen also co-curates for FLOAT and School of Untourism in East Gippsland and the travelling art residency program Forum of Sensory Motion. She is currently doing a three-month residency at Siteworks for Moreland’s Community Creator program with the Seaweed Appreciation Society international (SASi) which she founded in 2019.

Jason Hood is known for his unexpected costumes that he's created for his solo cabaret performances as Gayson Famous as well as a guest for Hi-God people and now Kelping.

Benjamin Hancock is a dancer, choreographer, and performance artist. Benjamin often inhabits fantastical dispositions that invite audiences to embrace parallel masculinities and femininities.

Dylan Martorell's music-based practice encompasses community-based installation work, hand-made instruments, percussive robotics and music scores. He is a founding member of the Slow Art Collective, Snawklor and Hi God People.

Artist Credits

Concept: Lichen Kelp.

Installation by Lichen Kelp and Dylan Martorell

Performance by Kelping

Dancer: Benjamin Hancock
Performance Artist: Jason Hood
Performance Chemistry: Lichen Kelp
Sound and Video:Dylan Martorell