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Zoë Coombs Marr

How to... Keep it Funny

World Premiere
Presented by Arts House & Melbourne Festival

5pm, Sat 7 Oct
120 mins


Arts House
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Your ticket to Zoe Coombs Marr includes the Survival Skills of three more artists!

Zoë Coombs Marr (How to… Keep it Funny)
What is a comedy? Where and when does comedy become humour? And why, if ever, can a satire? These are all important questions.  Ponder a little.  An analysis of funny is never funny which is ironic, considering ‘analysis’ contains the word ‘anal’, and bum jokes are always funny.  As the great E.B White said “analysing humour is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested, and the frog dies of it.”  Jokes, like frogs, play an important role in the ecosystem. Knowledge is power. Sharpen that scalpel.  Zoë Coombs Marr might not kill a frog.  But she may teach you how to keep it funny.

And then you’ll get some top tips from …

Frances Tapueluelu (How to… Make an Axe & a Spear)
The Tongan people have survived two catastrophic events; First Contact and sea-level rising, but this has left them climate change refugees. A third catastrophic event, a nuclear war perpetrated by Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, has annihilated a lot of the human race, leaving Frances as the sole surviving Tongan. Now living in a camp of only woman and children, she lives on the outskirts of the camp as she is an outsider, however she provides the camp with the tools in which they need to survive with, and that is a an axe and a spear.

Daniel Newell (How to… (D)construct Identity with Drag & (D)androgny)
Dance, Drag, Colour, Shade, Openness, Queerness and Love, DANDROGYNY is a mirror to the ways in which we choose, or are forced, to (D)construct identity. D-stabilising normative and toxic masculinity, DANDROGYNY knows humanity and gender are as fluid as the fluids from which we all came. So you want a drag show… yeah? Here ‘tis! DANDROGYNY invites you into an exploration of your identity, ideology and performativity. Come armed with your favourite tool from the shed and get ready to high kick, think, smash the patriarchy and roll around in a tonne of glitter. Controlled Creative Chaos anyone?

Jen Rae (How to… Crunch from Nature Strip to Plate… Bugs & Weeds)
You’re hungry.  You haven’t eaten for days. What edible delights could be growing on the nature strip or crawling in your backyard?  This cooking demonstration will mix and match bugs and weeds into tasty protein shakes and energy bars.  Join Melbourne artists Jen Rae on her quest for a new delicious recipe to make it into the Fair Share Fare Future Proof Survival Guide.


Vicki Couzens (How to… Make Rope)
Fibrecraft; refers to fine art whose material consists of natural or synthetic fibre and other components, such as fabric or yarn. Fibrecraft is fundamental knowledge and skill for survival. Rope and string are used in weaving bags and baskets, ties for clothing and belts and so on.  Making rope will skill you up to survive and thrive.  You can’t live without it.  Especially post apocalypse!