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Vanishing Point

Shian Law

Presented in Season 1 2017

Presented by Arts House as part of Dance Massive

8.45pm, Tue 14 Mar
8.45pm, Wed 15 Mar
8.45pm, Thu 16 Mar
8.45pm, Fri 17 Mar
8.45pm, Sat 18 Mar 

60 mins

Arts House, Meat Market
Enter via 36 Courtney St,
North Melbourne

Show Program:
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…the issue this time is to indicate the precise point in the present to which my historical construction will orient itself, as to its vanishing point. — Walter Benjamin

Both hybrid performance project and two-year experiment, Vanishing Point explores the ambiguity of authorship and the possibility of preservation in performance art. Dancer Shian Law (Jo Lloyd, BalletLab, Lz Dunn, Lara Thoms) employs a range of (un)orthodox strategies including documentary, archiving, fabrication and outright theft, to unsettle the question: “Whose show is this?”

Trans-media artist and compulsive experimentalist, Law takes a quasi-archivist approach to document and historicise his bodily encounter with three choreographic works by Phillip Adams, Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd.A team of documentary makers and a portrait painter record the elapsing time as he locates, excavates and performs the dance works.

Vanishing Point playfully and stealthily maps the constellation of lineage, questions of authenticity, and the multiple folds that frame a portrait of a contemporary artist.

Lead Artist:
Shian Law
Collaborating Choreographers:
Phillip Adams, Deanne Butterworth, Jo Lloyd
Jo Lloyd
Video Artist:
James Wright
Christine Francis

Light & Set Design:
Matthew Adey
Sound Design:
Marco Cher-Gibard
Eleanor Ivory Webber
Costume Design:
Andrew Treloar

Supported by –Vanishing Point has been supported by Creative Victoria, Besen Family Foundation, Tanja Liedtke Foundation and the City of Melbourne through Arts House. Vanishing Point was developed through Arts House’s CultureLAB with the assistance of Creative Victoria.
Image by – James Wright