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The Naked Self

Tanya Dickson & Michele Lee

Presented in Season 1 2016

Presented by Arts House
as part of FOLA 2016

5pm, Wed 2 Mar
5pm, Thu 3 Mar
5pm, Fri 4 Mar
2pm, Sat 5 Mar
5pm, Wed 9 Mar
5pm, Thu 10 Mar
5pm, Fri 11 Mar

Arts House
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair Accessible

There could be thousands of photos of you online; photographic ‘selfies’ contrived to capture your best angles and features. How many really show how you feel about yourself and your body?

In a quiet gallery-setting, you are invited to hear the audio portraits of strangers revealing the stories and the secrets of their bodies. Eventually, in a cushioned and sound-proof booth, you’ll be invited to undress and confess, contributing your own self-portrait to the growing archive.

The Naked Self is a chance to share in the uniqueness of every body.

Tanya Dickson &
Michele Lee
Concept & App
Matthew Adey, Tanya Dickson, Russell Goldsmith & Michele Lee
Production Design:
Matthew Adey
Sound Design:
Russell Goldsmith

System Design:
Steve Berrick
Photography & Video:
Sarah Walker

Image by – Jody Haines