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World Premiere
Presented by Arts House

1pm–7pm, Sat 29 Jul
1pm–7pm, Sun 30 Jul
This is a durational event – you can come and go as you please

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Wheelchair Accessible

The construction and archiving of culture is often analysed and documented through words, yet 93% of communication is not verbal. Join Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe in her re-constructed lounge room as she live-transcribes visitors’ conversations into Western music scores and Rwandan hieroglyphs.

Kabanyana Kanyandekwe will question, listen, transcribe into and perform from the scores on the walls of her re-constructed lounge room.

She invites you to become part of the work as she poses the questions: ‘Ancestry?’ on Saturday and ‘Legacy?’ on Sunday. Sonic Hieroglyphs continues a conversation in the archive Kabanyana Kanyandekwe began in 2007. This work exposes her construction and archival of identity as a ‘third-culture kid’ through graphic scores, narrative ceremony, and cultural contextualisation via crossgenerational conversations.

Presented by:
Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe

Supported by – Heavy Metal Jewellers Brunswick, Red Cross Shops, Present Story Gift & Homewares Emporium, and Isabelle Harrison Barristers & Solicitors Pty Ltd.