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Slanting into the Void

Peepshow Inc.

Presented in Season 2 2006

8pm, Thurs 23 Nov Preview
8pm, Fri 24 Nov Opening
8pm, Sat 25 Nov
5pm, Sun 26 Nov

8pm, Mon 27  Nov
8pm,Tues 28 Nov
8pm,Wed 29 Nov
8pm, Thurs 30 Nov
8pm, Fri 1 Dec
8pm, Sat 2 Dec
5pm, Sun 3 Dec
70 mins
$24 / $17 / $15 Preview

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Puppet smoking is deadly

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Wheelchair Accessible

A woman loses her daughter into the void. Unable to continue her own life, she remains at the edge of the void, staring in by the light of a lantern. So much time passes that the lantern she holds becomes her head. Now she is a Lamppost. Millenniums pass as the Lamppost stares into the void by her tiny light. Though she sees and learns many things, she never again catches a glimpse of the daughter she longs for.

Slanting into the Void is a theatre of images, telling stories of loss and hope. This potent new myth, set on the edge of the void reflects a more familiar reality as it fragments and unravels before our eyes.

Melinda Hetzel
Lally Katz
Jethro Woodward,
Performance & Puppet Design:
Nick Barlow & Angela Orrego
Pauline Cady
Lighting Design:
Richard Vabre
Set Design:
Rob Irwin

Image by – Ben Chessel & Richard Chambers