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Shifting Ground

Zoe Scoglio

Presented in Season 2 2012

World Premiere
Presented by Arts House

6.30pm, Thu 19 Jul
8.30pm, Thu 19 Jul
6.30pm, Fri 20 Jul
8.30pm, Fri 20 Jul
6.30pm, Sat 21 Jul
8.30pm, Sat 21 Jul
6.30pm, Sun 22 Jul
8.30pm, Sun 22 Jul
45 mins
$35 / $30 / $25

Arts House
Meat Market
36 Courtney St,
North Melbourne

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Wheelchair Accessible

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Water to steam, lava to rock, fossil to fuel – Shifting Ground is a performance and installation that draws parallels between geological transformations and those found within the human race. Media artist and performer Zoe Scoglio unites gestural choreography, object manipulation, physicalised sounds and projection mapping in a journey from the cosmic to the concrete.

The Meat Market’s Studio B becomes the site in which the boundaries between human and rock melt away, as the presence of the earth’s minerals is revealed in the structures we create, the tools we use, and the bodies in which we live. Shifting Ground looks at our ever-changing relationship to geological substances, exploring the idea that all forms are temporal and metamorphic.

In a society defined by its seemingly solid and indestructible cities, Shifting Ground reminds us of the impermanent and fleeting nature of our time on this earth, and our symbiotic relationship with the elements that form it.

Concept, Performer and Videographer:
Zoe Scoglio
Sound Designer:
Nigel Brown
Interaction Designer:
Chris Heywood
Set and Prop Designer:
Zoe Stuart
Human Ecologist, Asha Bee Abraham
Moriarty’s Project


Supported by – J.U.M.P, the National Mentoring Program for Young and Emerging Artists, the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and the City of Melbourne through Arts House.

Image by –  Zoe Scoglio