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PopUp Tearoom Series

Yumi Umiumare

Presented in Season 1 2016

Presented by Arts House
as part of FOLA 2016

5pm, Wed 2 Mar
5pm, Thu 3 Mar
5pm, Fri 4 Mar
2pm, Sat 5 Mar
5pm, Wed 9 Mar
5pm,Thu 10 Mar
5pm, Fri 11 Mar

Arts House
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair Accessible

一服いかがですか ?
Would you like a cup of tea?

Enter a dreamlike installation space, where traditional, surreal and virtual tearooms pop up unannounced. Through a series of tea ceremonies, Yumi Umiumare and her collaborating artists invite you to ingest their unique teas of sereniTea, deformiTea, sensualiTea and more.

Traditionally, tea-ceremony rooms had a small door which visitors bowed to enter, dropping the hierarchies of the world outside. In times of war, Medieval Samurai had to leave their swords outside as the tearoom provided relief from the emotional stress and social disorder of the battlefield.

Curious about what sort of ‘tea’ we can make today, Umiumare invokes the Japanese notion of ‘ma’ or ‘active pause’. Beginning with deep presence and silence, experience a pause for reflection – as well as provocation.

Created by:
Yumi Umiumare
In collaboration with:
Adam Wojcinski & Gregory Lorenzutti
Dan West

Media Art:
Bambang N Karim
Tearoom by:
Zen Studio

Supported by – PopUp Tearoom series has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; and the City of Melbourne through Arts House.
Image by – Sarah Walker