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pink denim in manhattan

Presented in Season 1 2006

Presented by Nextwave in association with Arts House

7pm, 9pm, Wed 22 Mar
7pm, 9pm, Thurs 23 Mar
7pm, 9pm, Fri 24 Mar
7pm, 9pm, Sat 25 Mar
7pm, 9pm, Sun 26 Mar

7pm, 9pm, Tues 28 Mar
7pm, 9pm, Wed 29 Mar
7pm, 9pm, Thurs 30 Mar
7pm, 9pm, Fri 31 Mar
7pm, 9pm, Sat 1 Apr
7pm, 9pm, Sun 2 Apr
No shows on Monday

Arts House
Meat Market
Main Pavilion West
5 Blackwood St,
North Melbourne


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live art

What is Lady Liberty hiding underneath her robes?

Trapped inside a giant snow dome, along with the audience, is the Statue of Liberty herself, all dressed up in pink denim, and eager to show her audience ‘New York City’ – a mythical kingdom which only exists as a mirage of music, movies and dreams. Inside the ultimate cubby-house, pink denim in manhattan plays out some of the complexities of our fantasies and fears, looking at how deeply they are embedded in this land far, far away

Written and performed by:
Jacklyn Bassanelli
Danielle Brustman
Directed and co-written:
Ben Packer
Sound design:
Kelly Ryall
Lighting design:
Luke Hails

Supported by –  The project was developed and supported by Next Wave Kickstart.
Image by – Danielle Brustman