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More or Less Concrete

Tim Darbyshire

Presented in Season 1 2013

Presented by Arts House and Tim Darbyshire as part of Dance Massive 2013

7pm, Wed 20 Mar
7pm, Thu 21 Mar
7pm, Fri 22 Mar
2pm, Sat 23 Mar
7pm, Sat 23 Mar

5pm, Sun 24 Mar

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Contains on-stage smoke effects, loud music or very loud effects

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Bodies morph between human, animal, monster, machine and the unknown in Tim Darbyshire’s synaesthetic exploration of cyclical and audible movement, More or Less Concrete. Suspended between recognisable ‘concrete’ realities and ambiguous or surrealistic states, Darbyshire’s unique choreography warps and oscillates inside a tunnel-like space where receding and ephemeral qualities contrast the harshness of the physical.

More or Less Concrete draws on diverse inspirations from musique concrète, sound theory, cinema, abstraction, swimming and tap-dance. A collaborative and experimental project, More or Less Concrete exists in a realm of constant tension and continual movement, evoking evolutionary processes through its flexing, sculptural shifts in time and space.

Tim Darbyshire
Sophia Cowen, Tim Darbyshire, Josh Mu
Sound Designer:
Jem Savage
Lighting Designer:
Ben (Bosco) Shaw, Bluebottle
Dramaturge/Sound Theorist:
Thembi Soddell

Costume Designer:
Rebecca Agnew
Production Management:
Auspiced by:
Project  Consultant Producer:
Alison Halit

Supported by – Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (France); the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the arts, its arts funding and advisory body; Sweet and Tender Collaborations; Victoria University’s Solo Residency Program; Dancehouse’s Housemate Residency; Arts Victoria; Chunky Move’s Maximised program; Lucy Guerin Inc’s Space Residency; Open Archive Residency; and the City of Melbourne through Arts House
Image by – James Brown