What's On

Melbourne Fringe

at Arts House

Presented in Season 2 2017

Melbourne Fringe runs Thu 14 Sep to Sun 1 Oct

Fringe Club is free.

Events by independent artists are ticketed. Full program drops Thu 10 Aug

See melbournefringe.com.aufor more details.

Events at North Melbourne Town Hall are wheelchair accessible

What do mirror balls, live art and radical performance work have in common? The fact that you’re guaranteed to get hit with one of them at the Fringe Hub at Arts House during the 2017 Melbourne Fringe festival. This year your Fringe home-away-from-home is upping the ante, with over two weeks of non-stop independent art set to push boundaries and buttons; the Festival Club featuring free Fringemade events of every size, shape and flavour; plus two bars open six nights a week.

Oh, and then there’s dancing. Did we mention dancing? The Fringe Hub at Arts House is the perfect place to begin, continue or end your night. Come hear a tall tale spun, make the floors sticky and raise the roof in glorious celebration of everything (and everyone) Fringe-y.


Supported by – Melbourne Fringe is supported by the City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and Bank Australia.
Image by – Theresa Harrison