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Madonna Arms

I'm Trying to Kiss You

Presented in Season 1 2014

Presented by Arts House

8pm, Thu 1 May
8pm, Fri 2 May
8pm, Sat 3 May
8pm, Sun 4 May
8pm, Wed 7 May
8pm, Thu 8 May
8pm, Fri 9 May
8pm, Sat 10 May
1pm, Sun 11 May
8pm, Sun 11 May

75 mins

Arts House
Meat Market
5 Blackwood St,
North Melbourne

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Wheelchair Accessible

Welcome to the battlefield. From the treadmill to the taco truck, Madonna Arms follows the internal struggle of chaos, terror and hope as one woman attempts to lose weight.

Madonna Arms is a fantastical sci-fi exploration of the ways in which power, strength and fitness live and die in the body and psyche of a young woman. Absurd, hilarious and ultimately heart-wrenching, Madonna Arms is a humorous and dangerous look at a vicious cultural logic we have learned to accept as part of our everyday lives – as futile and devastating as war.

I’m Trying To Kiss You

Zoey Dawson, Anna McCarthy, Allison Wiltshire
Allison Wiltshire
Zoey Dawson, Ella Harvey, Anna McCarthy
Bek Berger

Claudio Tocco
Set/Costume Designer:
Romanie Harper
Lighting Designer:
Katie Sfetkidis

Supported by – Madonna Arms has been supported by Next Wave; the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body; Arts Victoria; and the City of Melbourne through Arts House
Image by – Theresa Harrison